In ten years the largest railway to open the train 300 on which you home

ring cial new media partners tomorrow,
one of the biggest railway operation chart is adjusted to nearly ten years since the beginning of implementation,
the transfer plan to open the train for nearly 300,
increase what line? Did you know that? Xiaobian carefully combed for you.
What is a railway map? Simply put,
increase or decrease passenger train or freight train,
adjust the train departure site and time,
and finally to the site and time,
change the running route,
increase or decrease the stop site,
that is,
adjust the map.
The train map will affect all those who travel by train in China,
as well as the largest adjustment to the base map in ten years.
The new arrangements for passenger trains 3400 pairs,
of which more than 2100 pairs of EMU trains,
trains more than 1200 pairs of normal speed,
passenger train is increased by nearly 300 of the original.
EMU trains in the Beijing Shanghai,
Beijing Guangzhou,
Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail line to open the evening and the morning session of 100,
to c

Slowly you in Beijing where can drink tea to two cents all know that the people of Beijing

ring slowly Beijing and every day we get your honey  my grandfather when I was young,
often playing here,
high in the front door,
it is next to my home.
A front door,
emotion tea sing Beijing city how much memory and emotion,
tea tea in a thick beijingstyle.
When the front door tea,
many people immediately think of the Lao She teahouse.
The passage of time,
the tea uninterrupted for 37 years,
but still only two cents,
but also become the Lao She Teahouse from Tiananmen recently Beijing Cultural landmark.
And Beijing 38 red flag medal winner,
2016 capital labor medal won by Ms.
Yin Zhijun,
it is Lao She Teahouses female shopkeeper.
What kind of stories have happened in the past 37 years? Along the way,
in the operation of Lao She Teahouse and there are what kind of difficulties,
let us listen to Lao She Teahouse head of Ms.
Yin Zhijun,
talk to her and the story of tea.
Click on the following audio,
you can directly listen to the origin of Lao She Teahouse,
Lao She Teahouse can

[PPT] Zhongshan University teacher good health brush skin burst is almost a circle of friends

ring alth times (ID:jksb2013) author: Ye Jianqing,
these two days,
a pharmacy school male teacher fire! His lecture with the PPT pictures were reprinted a lot,
users have collected,
are some practical skin care trick! The skin care man was Ye Jianqing,
a professor at the Zhongshan University School of pharmacy,
who shared a lot of lectures on his micro-blog PPT.
Xiao Bian finishing out,
I hope everyone can learn from the leaf teacher skin care real knowledge.
! 1,
clean different skin,
choose the right cleanser 1,
oily skin: because the skin secrete more oil than the average person,
so you need to select some cleaning products are relatively strong.
you need to choose some soap products.
Because the soap are fat and strong,
and easy to wash,
washed skin feeling very fresh.
mixed skin: this type of skin crowd is mainly the face T (forehead and nose around) more oil,
and the cheeks are generally neutral,
or a little dry.
So the skin to take a balance in the T word and cheeks,
not on

Why not 19 yuan can buy 159 yuan health pillow game people play

ring ay,
Wu Xiaobo made an epoch-making channel game is mainly want to give you money to send the joy not too many people who want to play the game was about more than 3000.
The total number of games but 13000 times that the average per game people play more than 4 times every day to know the number of games limit 5 times (about method can increase the number of?) (hum,
I wont tell you!) Minibus wanted to think it still has potential! So I went to interview a few friends of Pakistan nine spirit of the students,
do you think the fun of pop? Its fun,
but I have to work,
milk my kids,
sweep the floor,
wash clothes,
work overtime.
The friends of Pakistan nine spirits of the students,
do you think the fun of pop? Its fun,
but I always die at the fourth pass! The friends of Pakistan nine spirits of the students,
do you think the fun of pop? Fun,
but you must give vouchers,
too did not sincerity! The friends of Pakistan nine spirits of the students,
do you think the fun of pop? Not fun。 You

These American TV drama poisonous moreish

ring on is addictive and crazy.
You are crazy which series? What do you want to learn from American TV series? Who do you want to be the most in American TV series? Or want to kill whos inside? In the new weekly American drama poisoning investigation,
more than 700 netizens expressed their attitude.
The influence of American TV Outlook: Mao meat has vulnerable to the attack,
in the crime scene investigation (CSI) the anatomy of the poison.
In the breaking bad chemical poison,
in the game of Thrones killing poison,
in the shameless integrity no poison,
in the bankruptcy sisters poison tongue.
I Lin Xiaoyan: dont lie to me,
once thought micro expression really can distinguish ones emotions.
New Brisbane: masters of sex,
do not explain.
Lyycynthiayyl: the poison of Friends can not be solved in this life.
In Friends,
the friendship between Chandler and Joey is most moving.
Ge Xiaoran: Desperate Housewives a chase for ten years,
at the time felt empty,
dont know what to do next.

There are also Lampedusa in Asia

ring mountain islands are at the same latitude as the Hawaii islands,
and 365 days a year are sunny.
The bottom of the sea and the blue clear open natural scenery add even in japan! This is the beauty of even gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory compared with foreign well-known scenic spots are in no way inferior.
Xiao Tong will focus on the southernmost hotel in Japan,
which belongs to < < HAIMURUBUSHI > on the little shore island of the eight Mt.
What are you waiting for on special beach + boat Cafe + Island star? Lets begin a journey of doomed memories! The scenery here is fine Italy Lampedusa great reputation.
Located on the island in the ocean like a canoe floating in the ocean,
the reason for the illusion is because the water visibility is very high.
In fact,
do not go to Italy,
Japan has such a view,
just at the HAIMURUBUSHI hotel! This magical scene is actually in Japan Many island peoples feel incredible.
< HAIMURUBUSHI > beach is located in the area of nearly

She will have a unique style by fresh ingenuity to win the focus

ring  fashion Oscar said the Met Gala recently held in New York this year,
the theme of the exhibition is Manus * Machina (hand X machine) and various metal stars have all their imagination through a and a shiny dress to fit the theme but also the previous article all through the charm like China facade play: cousin Liu Wen who like the Mermaid Dress from the future general from the avant-garde: look at the van Iris Herpen to a sense of being and light metal coexist ah some star sword Zoupian front face makeup is intoxicating as Taylor poisoning,
such as fruit my sister is good,
after all the demon Tuisan the focus of this year is the biggest homeland female master Claire Danes and her Zac Posen when the red carpet look quite satisfactory It was nothing special except the cut of the back and chest,
but when the party started,
as the lights dimmed,
the skirt began to shine! It is a reality version of Cinderella costumes and sense of science and technology Claire Danes bursting is no doubt beco