Idealist Zhang Xuhao

d of writing 80 Zhang Xuhao: I'm a polytechnic male,
to play extreme Yang Lin | objectively speaking,
Zhang Xuhao is not an ideal respondents.
The interview time was around 3 p.
before the official start,
public relations hurried downstairs to buy coffee for him.
But in the office of the Putuo District high office in Shanghai,
the afternoon sun shone in on April,
and Zhang Xuhao was still sleepy.
He is very comfortable stretch a stretch,
then half a minute,
he slowly closed his eyes,
and then had to open,
I even thought he had fallen asleep.
For a journalist,
how to carry on the conversation well is really a challenge.
But that doesn't mean he's not sincere.
He does not shy away from questions you throw,
and gives you direct answers without thinking.
Perhaps in order to avoid