it's a long life to wait for a letter,
but what's the point?.
Slow down before you can write elegant romantic words,
a little slower,
in order to carefully look forward to the love of hope.
Beijing in Seattle the best love ,
as of May 2nd,
the box office has exceeded 300 million yuan a stride forward singing militant songs,
and the 3 consecutive day won a single billion yuan at the box office,
hit a new record of romance.
The film,
whether it is Daniel (Wu Xiubo) and Jiao ye (Tang Wei) that legendary encounter,
or Grandpa Lin and Tang grandmother that 70 years without leaving,
have attracted many viewers.
Maybe you don't know,
only love is not like the beauty (big brother said after our goddess Tang Wei was dizzy don't want),
but in the eyes of the law,
this is Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo