[notice] the temple has begun to pray for senior high school entrance examination of college entrance examination in 2016

ehirote once a year the college entrance examination,
senior high school entrance examination is coming,
in order to repay the majority of society,
Thanksgiving ten party Lianyou,
special arrangements for candidates blessing to Hongyuan temple daily.
All activities are free,
fully open,
welcome to sign up.
Time for blessing begins today and ends at the end of the exam.
Pray daily morning will finish,
smell all merits to the majority of candidates.
Wish all the students: the body and mind,
Fu Fu,
Kai Hui,
from all interference,
play calmly.
Then let the students: the ideal school,
now everyone can learn,
no future social idle personnel.
Three: let the students not to score on the success of Amitabha,
invisible blessing,
future plans for life; and eve