Star Mizuhara Kiko has an amazing variety you can't repeat

iko's natural hangers,
no matter what style of clothing in her body has been digested very well,
the key is that she wore out of their own unique flavor,
others can not be engraved! Baseball uniform + + shorts tube top showing spicy little woman even sense! The red striped short jacket with wide leg jeans gets sexy and chic! White shorts and midriff collocation jeans easily waistline slender! Red coat to attract eyeball effect,
a black skirt slit to highlight the playful sexy! Letter sweater shorts show leg collocation also let the girl feeling overwhelmed! Changes of stripe size,
so that the overall look is full of changes,
printing shoes successfully steal the spotlight! Short white blouse + Black Suspenders,
cute and cute! Yellow Siamese look,
very eye-catching,
showing a feminine mix,