the TV series Ode to joy fire,
many people at night waiting for television chase.
See people very bring in,
the reality is too cruel.
Inside the lines: we have these girls field,
work is only rely on,
absolutely not in worthless man adventure in this world,
no one is clean,
more or less will be some handle,
so a wild man hate the most is people do not understand the rules.
In the play,
a few girls,
the most heated discussion is Liu Tao's Andy,
a successful career,
cold and fragile female executives.
The characterization of these characters,
is a novel of the same name Ode to joy the author of A.
After the TV series,
the author's identity became a mystery.
Many of the media broke the news,
she is very mysterious,
low-key man,
do not accept the interview,
even the book do not see the