Watch Sasaki Nozomi, 26 sets of high look, you want the commuter outfit, dating outfit, daily wear can be found here

Japanese style girls wear hand may wish to refer to the Japanese Sasaki Nozomi,
her style gives fresh feeling and seductive,
but reference is very high,
today Xiaobian for you finishing 26 sets of Sasaki Nozomi high look,
a template you can find here,
daily commuter wear! The commuter look white sleeveless blouse matches the lake blue wide leg pants,
highlighting fresh and good qualities! The white blouse creates a refreshing atmosphere,
with beige trousers that reveal the womanly elegance of femininity! It's fashionable to wear basic colors,
like a simple suit like this and a white T! White shirt with jeans,
simple and capable,
yellow bag to play the bright effect! The design of the sleeves of the white coat shows a touch of sexy,
with black trousers,
simple but not simple! Decor