Yan power has three sports midsize cars recommended

ncreasing development of China automobile market,
Car Buying residents increasingly younger ages,
has become the theme of Car Buying 80 after 90,
their needs are becoming increasingly diversified,
so now a lot of brand positioning are closer to the younger,
such as Lexus,
and etc.
Their replacement model is becoming younger and younger,
moving closer.
The value of the car.
This part of the crowd,
the power has a very high demand,
in addition to work driving,
take care of the home,
space can not be small,
but also to meet the occasional driving passion,
so the major manufacturers have launched the movement of the intermediate vehicle,
the following Xiaobian to recommend the intermediate vehicle movement.
A Tezi FAW Mazda price 17.
98 million Tezi body size is 48