You think Mizuhara Kiko just has legs and legs?

born in 1990 in the United States mixed race girl,
was chosen in 2003 for the Japanese Seventeen models and contact the fashion circle,
in 2007 to join the ViVi as its exclusive models,
since then,
Mizuhara Kiko hung in the fashion circle shine like.
At a young age she has received international brands such as CHANEL,
MARC JACOBS invited to the fashion show as a guest or catwalk models,
even Karl Lagerfeld in her favor.
Mizuhara Kiko,
from an ordinary girl to the popular fashion of all the famous icon,
in addition to her appearance is good,
her good taste for fashion is also the key to her fashionable circle.
Following the fall and winter of 2015,
the good quality Mizuhara Kiko became b+ab's image girl again,
presenting a simple and fresh brand image.
B+ab 2016 Fashion L