[C] rough event Luo played both hands empty dunks Korver only reluctantly header assists

st half of the Champions League semi-final second games between Real Madrid and Manchester City,
C Ronaldo was blown offside,
in the face of teammate pass,
in situ jump,
hands empty,
an empty buckle,
then the ball hit the net.
From the aerial dunk gesture,
you'll get perfect marks! Then,
in the morning NBA Eastern semi-final second Atlanta and Cleveland,
suddenly a knight Korver Mo William raid pass,
headed a shampoo in the far corner,
after receiving the ball,
hands a decisive shot,
the ball straight through the net.
Of course,
this is in the C Luo after the referee blew the whistle offside after deliberately performing the action,
but the Korver header assists really called Yami butterfly ah! Today,
NBA's only event is in Cleveland.
It is said that the weather in Cleveland is like this: