No immigrant

gh the East,
go west,
in order to survive.
Now run Europe and America,
fly to Australia,
rich self willed.
Great man once said: let some people get rich first,
and then lead other people to get rich together.
Some people realized the first half of the sentence,
but swallowed the latter.
Reform and opening up have enriched their pockets,
while they have been used to fill other people's wallets.
No immigration? According to the 2015 China International Migration report shows that overseas Chinese is the world's largest immigrant groups,
the total number of 60 million,
equivalent to the total population of Italy.
A nouveau riche took brains to be immigrants,
but the grass root can catch up.
So poor,
really can not emigrate? The - - or how shift? The movie has crash,
and the reality is i