Tang doll network class heavy hit

love hand to make a living home Tang Wawa is to simplify the creation of modified products in the traditional Beijing people on the basis of the four beauties from Peking Opera,
and a legendary figure of silk silk clothing,
exquisite fit in the palm of your hand to enjoy playing dolls Tang network class characters Yang you wind Qingxue you Wang Zhaojun so we come before Tang Xiaoqing Mu Guiying doll has been only line of teaching in the north,
on the broad,
Wuhan city Changsha etc.
to carry out the next line experience while teaching there are many friends have to ask at what time I opened here ah so this network is to come out of class time and again the price we direct network class Tang doll a teacher to show you 41% Tang making a sneak preview version of you baby No longer nee