Tokyo is busy, but some people waste their time here

to spend his time here,
but he saw the poem and the distance.
In Tokyo,
there are 11 million people crowded subway shoulder next to the shoulder with a heel toe every day,
however deep skyscrapers have the artistic director of one quiet and noisy it misfits Tokyo it is tsutaya bookstore tsutaya Bookstore pleasant time as one of the world's 20 world's most beautiful book store tsuta Wu MUJI Kenya Hara is the brand designer he is not only a bookstore designed specifically for the independent brand logo also filmed a group of ad welcome back to the world of the book Commercials: reading the tsutaya is very popular,
because it is more than 55 meters long road six design magazine the theme and the 37 expert level guide the reason it may just be quiet enough enough life everyone who comes