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is over and Vivi sauce is on the rise! Papi sauce,
a woman of beauty and talent! Vivi sauce,
a collection of art,
news and other eighteen skills of a number of dogs! This is the biggest goal of Vivi -- a fear of dogs,
enough to pay the cock friend! But when he saw the same sauce,
the net red Papi ad was sold 22 million,
vivi's heart was broken; therefore,
determined to take the red of the big ship to keep the most terrible dog,
do other people's best friend! So,
as a net red,
what is the most important? The high value of a lick screen? A hot figure? The taste of cannibalism? .
these are not important,
good felling!! In the new media world everyone wants to red,
everywhere is big V want to play tricks (who is long The coming days would be long.
ah?) Finally,
Vivi c