Happy birthday to use United Luhan small meat (a property for the first time to offer true voice. Jun) CBNweekly

ring anchester Uniteds recent results are not very good,
but it found in China to develop new fans of the community tool.
Who is the biggest football fan in the whole world,
even the aliens would like? It could have been Real Madrid,
AC Milan,
but after April 20th,
the hat was on the Premier League team Manchester united.
3 pm on the day of the Beijing time,
Manchester United Football Club released a video in Sina,
Park Ji-Sung,
Michael Carrick,
club player Lu Kexiao and Memphis are in the video Luhan pres 26 Happy birthday wish.
United Sina released a video on micro-blog,
26 years old Happy birthday wish Luhan.
As a veteran of the Premier League team,
Manchester United from time to time will make some fans warm heart move.
Visit a sick fan or play close to a small player.
But with Luhan said Happy birthday,
is another matter.
Let us briefly review the fan effect luhan.
He has two odd Guinness records: the Baidu name most searched more than 100 million times,
and a single micr