[PPT] Zhongshan University teacher good health brush skin burst is almost a circle of friends

ring alth times (ID:jksb2013) author: Ye Jianqing,
these two days,
a pharmacy school male teacher fire! His lecture with the PPT pictures were reprinted a lot,
users have collected,
are some practical skin care trick! The skin care man was Ye Jianqing,
a professor at the Zhongshan University School of pharmacy,
who shared a lot of lectures on his micro-blog PPT.
Xiao Bian finishing out,
I hope everyone can learn from the leaf teacher skin care real knowledge.
! 1,
clean different skin,
choose the right cleanser 1,
oily skin: because the skin secrete more oil than the average person,
so you need to select some cleaning products are relatively strong.
you need to choose some soap products.
Because the soap are fat and strong,
and easy to wash,
washed skin feeling very fresh.
mixed skin: this type of skin crowd is mainly the face T (forehead and nose around) more oil,
and the cheeks are generally neutral,
or a little dry.
So the skin to take a balance in the T word and cheeks,
not on