She will have a unique style by fresh ingenuity to win the focus

ring  fashion Oscar said the Met Gala recently held in New York this year,
the theme of the exhibition is Manus * Machina (hand X machine) and various metal stars have all their imagination through a and a shiny dress to fit the theme but also the previous article all through the charm like China facade play: cousin Liu Wen who like the Mermaid Dress from the future general from the avant-garde: look at the van Iris Herpen to a sense of being and light metal coexist ah some star sword Zoupian front face makeup is intoxicating as Taylor poisoning,
such as fruit my sister is good,
after all the demon Tuisan the focus of this year is the biggest homeland female master Claire Danes and her Zac Posen when the red carpet look quite satisfactory It was nothing special except the cut of the back and chest,
but when the party started,
as the lights dimmed,
the skirt began to shine! It is a reality version of Cinderella costumes and sense of science and technology Claire Danes bursting is no doubt beco