Slowly you in Beijing where can drink tea to two cents all know that the people of Beijing

ring slowly Beijing and every day we get your honey  my grandfather when I was young,
often playing here,
high in the front door,
it is next to my home.
A front door,
emotion tea sing Beijing city how much memory and emotion,
tea tea in a thick beijingstyle.
When the front door tea,
many people immediately think of the Lao She teahouse.
The passage of time,
the tea uninterrupted for 37 years,
but still only two cents,
but also become the Lao She Teahouse from Tiananmen recently Beijing Cultural landmark.
And Beijing 38 red flag medal winner,
2016 capital labor medal won by Ms.
Yin Zhijun,
it is Lao She Teahouses female shopkeeper.
What kind of stories have happened in the past 37 years? Along the way,
in the operation of Lao She Teahouse and there are what kind of difficulties,
let us listen to Lao She Teahouse head of Ms.
Yin Zhijun,
talk to her and the story of tea.
Click on the following audio,
you can directly listen to the origin of Lao She Teahouse,
Lao She Teahouse can