There are also Lampedusa in Asia

ring mountain islands are at the same latitude as the Hawaii islands,
and 365 days a year are sunny.
The bottom of the sea and the blue clear open natural scenery add even in japan! This is the beauty of even gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory compared with foreign well-known scenic spots are in no way inferior.
Xiao Tong will focus on the southernmost hotel in Japan,
which belongs to < < HAIMURUBUSHI > on the little shore island of the eight Mt.
What are you waiting for on special beach + boat Cafe + Island star? Lets begin a journey of doomed memories! The scenery here is fine Italy Lampedusa great reputation.
Located on the island in the ocean like a canoe floating in the ocean,
the reason for the illusion is because the water visibility is very high.
In fact,
do not go to Italy,
Japan has such a view,
just at the HAIMURUBUSHI hotel! This magical scene is actually in Japan Many island peoples feel incredible.
< HAIMURUBUSHI > beach is located in the area of nearly