These American TV drama poisonous moreish

ring on is addictive and crazy.
You are crazy which series? What do you want to learn from American TV series? Who do you want to be the most in American TV series? Or want to kill whos inside? In the new weekly American drama poisoning investigation,
more than 700 netizens expressed their attitude.
The influence of American TV Outlook: Mao meat has vulnerable to the attack,
in the crime scene investigation (CSI) the anatomy of the poison.
In the breaking bad chemical poison,
in the game of Thrones killing poison,
in the shameless integrity no poison,
in the bankruptcy sisters poison tongue.
I Lin Xiaoyan: dont lie to me,
once thought micro expression really can distinguish ones emotions.
New Brisbane: masters of sex,
do not explain.
Lyycynthiayyl: the poison of Friends can not be solved in this life.
In Friends,
the friendship between Chandler and Joey is most moving.
Ge Xiaoran: Desperate Housewives a chase for ten years,
at the time felt empty,
dont know what to do next.