Unexpectedly, apple drops from a joke, Xu Jiayin to pull Ma Yun admission, drunk him

ring investment between enterprises requires negotiation and game.
But you know that cooperation between the two sides of the origin of the truth,
will be very unexpected.
The Enron.
the circle of friends is Apple  billion investment drops message scraper.
Why Apple will be in China first cast olive branch to bits and pieces? How did this  billion strategic cooperation come to pass? In this regard,
foreign media reports,
apple and didi travel between the beginning of a joke.
Apple investment began with a joke between Liu Qing and Cook.
in May 13th,
Liu Qing,
President of the company,
revealed some of the details of Apples investment.
According to Liu Qing said,
in April 20th,
she went to California City,
Kolbs headquarters to visit Cook.
She joked at the meeting that any company named after the fruit could make great achievements.
She explained that the legal name for the drop was little orange,
quick wit,
referring to a small orange.
Its a piece of a company named fruit